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Flower CSA Subscriptions

Flower CSA Subscriptions

This year, we're excited to offer a limited number of CSA flower subscriptions, short for 'Community Supported Agriculture'. A flower CSA simply means you purchase a subscription for our flowers in advance and upfront, and by doing so, you play a vital role in supporting our flower farm’s operations for the upcoming year. Your financial support early on in the season helps us work towards our sustainability goals, including investing in solar-powered drip irrigation.


Our flower CSAs represent a collaborative effort towards sustainable flower farming practices. By participating and purchasing your flower subscription upfront, you receive freshly cut and responsibly grown flowers but also contribute to the resilience of our flower farm.


We wholeheartedly believe that our CSA program offers mutual benefits. You prepay for your subscription flowers and gain access to discounts on our workshops and events, free delivery, plus 1-2 complimentary bouquets*, and we receive a much needed cash injection early in the season.


How does it work?

Flower CSAs/ subscriptions are available in blocks, covering either Spring- early Summer flowers (April - July), or High Summer flowers (July - October), we call these ‘mini flower CSAs’ for ease. Or, you may purchase a full season of flowers (April  -  October) for the best savings. 


Our ‘mini flower CSAs’ are available to purchase as 13 weekly deliveries of fresh flowers, yet you you only pay for 12 weeks. 


If you’d like to receive weekly flowers for the duration of our growing season, from April - October, this is available to purchase as 26 weekly deliveries of fresh flowers, however you'll only pay for 24 weeks of flowers. Additionally, you’ll receive a complimentary gift bouquet worth £25, which you can either give to a loved one or keep for yourself, resulting in a total saving of £75. 


What benefits do I receive by becoming a CSA member?

By becoming a CSA member, you not only enjoy 1 or 2 weeks of free flowers, depending on your selected flower CSA subscription, but you'll also receive a 10% discount on any workshops or PIY (pick your own) events we host. Simply notify us in advance of booking that you're a flower CSA member, and we'll apply the discount accordingly.


What size arrangements are the weekly flowers? 

Our CSA flowers will typically be a medium-sized arrangement. However, in most months, we have an abundance of flowers, and so we will share that with you in the form of oversized bouquets. During months marked by poor weather, pests, disease, or crop failure, bouquets may be less abundant. 


We also offer the option of unarranged flowers, where members receive even more blooms. With unarranged flowers, you'll enjoy a bountiful supply of fresh flowers, allowing for greater creativity and flexibility in your own arrangements at home. Whether you prefer the freedom of unarranged flowers or the convenience of pre-arranged bouquets, we hope that our Flower CSA offers options tailored to suit your preferences.


Delivery details 

Delivery cost is included in your flower CSA. Flowers are delivered exclusively on Friday evenings and are limited to postcodes within a 4-mile radius of the flower farm located in Woking GU22 0QF. Please refer to the radius map to confirm delivery availability in your area. Additionally, flower CSAs are also available in Epsom, Ewell, Leatherhead, and Ashtead (near our home address).

  • CSA Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions 

    By purchasing a Hook Heath Flower Farm CSA share, either for yourself or as a gift, you agree to the following terms and conditions as the recipient.


    I understand that once I sign up and pay for my flower CSA, I have secured my place in the CSA for the respective season. There are no refunds, either full or partial, for cancellation of my CSA once purchased. Members may choose to find an alternate person to buy out the rest of the season’s flower CSA, and the CSA ownership will be transferred to the alternate person. The alternate person will pay the original CSA members directly, and must be within Hook Heath Flower Farm’s delivery radius.


    I understand that the start of each flower CSA is flexible and based on seasonal conditions and product availability. I am aware that Hook Heath Flower Farm will communicate via email to inform all CSA members of updates and start dates.


    I understand that my flower CSA will be delivered on Friday evenings only. If I am out at the time of delivery for any reason, I understand that it is my responsibility to leave a clean bucket of fresh water outside for my flowers to be left in. I understand Hook Heath Flower Farm cannot be held responsible for theft of flowers if I am not in to accept a delivery. If I go away on holiday, I understand that I will not receive a credit or refund, but that a credit will be applied to my CSA membership to use later in the season. I understand that it is my responsibility to give at least a week’s notice prior to the delivery if I am planning to go on holiday. I understand that if I do not give adequate notice, I forfeit that flower CSA and it will be donated at the discretion of Hook Heath Flower Farm.


    I understand that as a CSA member, I share in both the bounty and the risks of flower farming. I understand that the risks include poor harvests due to unfavourable weather or pests, or the total loss of all crops due to a natural disaster such as flood or drought. I understand in the unlikely event Hook Heath Flower Farm is unable to deliver flowers, then the share will be credited to my account.


    I understand that flowers are a perishable product, with a variable vase life of 3-7 days and that all varieties have a different vase life, dependent on care. Hook Heath Flower Farm will not be held responsible for shortened vase life or poor flower quality once I receive my flowers. I understand it is my responsibility to follow the care guidelines provided to me once I sign up for a flower CSA. 

    Should there be any issue with my flowers upon delivery, I will contact Hook Heath Flower Farm via email within 12 hours to alert them of the issue, and when possible will include photographs to document the problem.


    EMAIL By signing up for the Flower CSA, I understand that I will be added to the weekly email list, and I agree to add to my email contacts. This is how Hook Heath Flower Farm communicates updates and changes.  Hook Heath Flower Farm will not be held responsible for miscommunications due to our e-mails going to your spam folder. I understand that any information I need to communicate with Hook Heath Flower Farm (i.e. holiday dates) must be communicated via email.


    All of our customer information is kept strictly confidential. We do not release any information to anyone regarding our customers. We do not sell or make our email addresses or mailing list available to any other parties or companies. The registration website is a secure site where your personal and payment information will be safe.

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