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Flower Farm in Woking Surrey
Dahlias and Flower Farm in Woking Surrey
Flower Farm in Woking Surrey

Hello! We’re Jade and Russell, and we run Hook Heath Flower Farm (HHFF), a 1-acre flower farm in Woking, Surrey.


I (Jade) left my job as a clinical lead occupational therapist specialising in forensic mental health just over two and a half years ago to work as a self-trained and self-employed gardener. My passion for flowers began in childhood while playing on my gran’s allotment. She cultivated flowers on her plot to attract pollinators for the vegetables—a novel approach at the time. I started learning more about flowers in my gardening work, with the help (and patience) of two incredible plantswomen.


In September 2022, when I learned that 'English Flowers by Michaela', who started up the flower farm in Woking, was relocating to Australia and seeking someone to carry on her hard work, I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. I took over the tenancy of the field and acquired her polytunnel, tools, plants, buckets, and more.


But there would be no flowers without my partner, Russell.


He has encouraged me every step of the way, put up deer fencing in the dark, fixed burst water pipes, and delivered hundreds of flowers. This was all done before and after his day job as a graphic designer, most often working out of a freezing cold van on the field. Last summer, he was made redundant, and we decided to see if we can make this work for both of us.


We’re both obsessed with wildlife—from birds to beetles. We hate being indoors, and if we are, we’re probably watching a documentary about regenerative farming. We grow flowers because we love working WITH nature. Seeing an increase in biodiversity on our farm is what keeps us going. I cannot begin to explain how happy it makes us. HHFF is all about fostering a harmonious partnership where flowers bring joy to people’s lives, and in turn, the flowers support the natural world.

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